Cut To The Chase

Dave Goodman

Acoustic Music Records CD 319 1577 2

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1. She’s gone 
2. Your man
3. Don’t turn around  
4. Brother 
5. Juniper
6. The night we chased the day
7. All circles a chain 
8. Make my day 
9. Hypnotized 
10. Waitin’ on your love 
11. You must be in love

Canadian guitarist, composer and singer Dave Goodman presents timeless blues and rock music on the highest level. Convincing from the first note, through deep emotional intensity and outstanding production ( “Cut To The Chase” ) is for me, one of the best albums of the last years.”

— Annie Sziegoleit “Folker”

Letter Of The Law

Dave Goodman

Instrumental Americana produced for soundtrack. For special licensing or to order cd please contact:

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  1. Letter of the law
  2. Cotati
  3. Washed my hands
  4. Down The 49
  5. Till We Meet Again
  6. Mr. Moore
  7. Swan Song
  8. Red Hill
  9. Brother Wilson
  10. Mississippi Mourn
  11. The Wine Dark Sea
  12. Down The Hatch
  13. Here To Stay
  14. Appalachia

Bielefeld Bootleg

Dave Goodman Band

Blind Lemons Records BLR-CD 1602

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  1. She’s gone
  2. Georgia Lee
  3. Take out some insurance
  4. Leave it all behind
  5. Goodbye Gary
  6. The letter
  7. Nobody’s fool
  8. Sweet Maybelline
  9. Not dark yet
  10. Step it up and go
  11. Side of the road

No Rest For The Wicked

Dave Goodman

Acoustic Music Records CD 319 1515 2

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  1. Nothin' but bad
  2. Manic depression/3rd stone from the sun
  3. Can't let go
  4. Little Jimi (for Rebecca Vöge)
  5. Luana
  6. The wind cries Mary
  7. She's gone
  8. Danny boy
  9. Si Bheag Si Mhor (for Ernie McNally)
  10. Little wing

The Wine Dark Sea

Dave Goodman & Steve Baker

Acoustic Music Records CD 319 1478 2

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  1. Sweet Maybelline
  2. Leavin on my mind
  3. Headin for a fall
  4. And she said
  5. The shack
  6. The letter
  7. Friends departed
  8. Goodbye Gary
  9. Leave it all behind
  10. The mill of the stranger
  11. Hard time killing floor
  12. Maybe she's afraid
  13. The shack slight return
  14. Tiger by the tail

Side Of The Road

Dave Goodman

Acoustic Music Records CD 319 1431 2

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  1. The night we chased the day
  2. Song for Jimmy
  3. If you come with me
  4. A soldier's Blues (for Robert Johnson & Barack Obama)
  5. Eastbound prelude
  6. Eastbound train
  7. Side of the road (for Wilson Blount)
  8. Übergang
  9. Alles Übergang
  10. Imagine
  11. Side of the road reprise
  12. Whiskey on the fire


Dave Goodman

Palais Aux Etoiles CD 66675-0, Recorded live February 7th & 8th 2008 at Moments, Bremen, Germany

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  1. Tiger Intro
  2. Tiger by the tail
  3. Slippery fingers
  4. Song for Jimmy
  5. My only friend
  6. Kitchen intro
  7. Come on in my kitchen
  8. Kissing camels
  9. Police dog Blues
  10. Medley (Who do you love/ All along the watchtower/ Sympathy for the devil)
  11. Alles Übergang
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  1. The bride of Cowal
  2. Greasy Lou
  3. Slippery fingers
  4. What Went Wrong
  5. Shadows in my head
  6. Kissin' camels
  7. Rocks, skies & waters
  8. Make up her mind
  9. Roll my stone
  10. Stone angel
  11. Wall of jewels
  12. Love under cover
  13. The riverboat
  14. Faded gold
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  1. Can you feel it
  2. Adeleine
  3. Hypnotized
  4. Don’t come back here no more
  5. Santa Fe
  6. The rise
  7. Thunderheads
  8. Baby put me down
  9. Fallen hero
  10. Find a way
  11. Only in my arms
  12. Prisonniers de l’inutile
  13. Dirty water rag
  14. One more hand
  15. Stinson sunset
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  1. Let it go
  2. Little Jimi
  3. Santa Fe
  4. My only friend
  5. Down to the line
  6. Hard, sad and lonely time


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Das Dave Goodman Songbook Vol. 1 begründet eine Reihe von Notenbüchern mit DVD, in denen Dave seine zahlreichen eigenen Songs vorstellt. Diese acht Titel (guitar & vocals) präsentieren vier ganz neue Werke, die Dave auf seiner nächsten CD bei Acoustic Music Records herausgibt und vier weitere Songs, die auf seinen beiden bisher erschienenen CDs bei AMR enthalten sind. Die Songauswahl zeigt einen perfekten Querschnitt durch Daves Gitarrenspieltechnik mit Grooves, Licks, Fingerpicking, Standard Tuning, Open Tunings, DADGAD, und enthält auch den Titel Song For Jimmy , den Dave in Das Supertalent 2013 bei RTL einem Millionenpublikum vorstellte. Zu jedem Stück zeigt Dave auf der beiliegenden DVD einen Kurzworkshop, der zum Nachspielen des Songs einlädt.

Blues Licks & Tricks

Dave Goodman

Guitar Workshop, DVD + book, notation and tabs, Languages: English, German, FingerPrint / Acoustic Music DVD FP 8112, ISBN 978-3-938679-56-2

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On the DVD "Blues Licks & Tricks" Dave reveals some of his secrets. In his uncomplicated and easily comprehensible manner he explains his approach to blues licks, solo construction, song accompaniment, phrasing and grooves. The DVD is rounded off by a selection of exercises.

For fans of rocking acoustic blues guitar, there’s no way around Dave Goodman and this DVD is exactly the right choice.

Acoustic Player Magazine 2011-01


DVD/Workshop Magazine AP 1-11 in German

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In issue 2011-1 Dave Goodman shows you blues solos in the styles of T-Bone Walker and B.B. King.
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The DVD contains a 63 minute portrait of Dave's life and musical career, a 35 minute guitar workshop with 4 selected pieces and a DVD-ROM section with tabs of 8 songs. Region code 2.


Even More Bay Area Blues

Goodman Murphy Band

Taxim Records TX 1032 2, Goodman Murphy Band - Same Ol’ Blues

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S.F. Blues Guitar Summit Vol. II

Dave Goodman

Blues Bureau International BB 2006, Recorded 1993

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